Here are some frequently asked questions, however if you have something we have not answered feel free to shoot us an email and one of our Customer Happiness Queens are at your service.

... ask away VIXINS!


Can I track my order?

Yes absolutely, we provide an Australia Post tracking number with every order when our warehouse fulfills and dispatches.

If by chance you do not recieve your tracking number you can email our VIXIN Customer Happiness Queens at

How long will my order take to arrive?
Depends on where you live! The shipping estimates below will give you an idea of when you should expect your VIXIN.

Australia Post est below:

Australian Domestic: Typically 1-2 business days. However, due to COVID-19, Australian orders may take up to a week.

New Zealand: Typically 2-3 business days. However, due to COVID-19, NZ orders may take up to two weeks.

All other international customers: Typically 10-14 business days. However, due to COVID-19, international orders may take up to four weeks.

Can I change or cancel my order once I've placed it?
If you want to change your order please email our VIXIN Customer Happiness Queens with your order details as soon as possible and we will try and help, however our warehouse stars may have already sent it out. (They can't help it! They love to be speedy!) Unfortunately we’re unable to add to orders once they’re placed so you’ll need to make a second order (and then receive two awesome VIXIN orders in the mail) (so much fun) for additional products. Check our returns and refunds policy here.

What about refunds and returns and stuff?
Yes, please read the details here.

skin care concerns

I have sensitive skin can I still use VIXIN Beauty products?

We are confident to say that you absolutely can. In fact, our All In One Apple Stem Cell was formulated to repair a multitude of Skin Conditions, VIXIN All In One will become your skin hero, plus we are clinically tested to be safe for sensitive skin!

Also, VIXIN All In One Apple Stem Cell is full of anti-inflammatory and calming antioxidents and oils making it fantastic for angry and sensitive skin, and Goji Glow Booster Serum, with so many skin loving replenishing oils and butters, is incredibly soothing and will also detoxify the skin by pulling out toxins which helps rid the skin of bacteria that can cause irritations. It has antibacterial, antifungal, antioxidant and antimicrobial properties that help soothe inflammation, fight acne and infections.

Are you Australian Made & Cruelty Free?

We are proudly certified Australian Made and Owned our Aust Made license number is 9980. Our manufacturing is in Sydney Australia. Unlike most of the big brands we are 100% cruelty free and absolutely proud of it. We are Animal lovers and that will never change :)

Do you offer Promotions and or discounts?

Absolutely we do! Subscribe to Club V (we do not spam you we promise) you will be first in the know & receive our discounts/freebees & follow us on Instagram, FB or Tok-tok to see all other offers. If you can't wait and you do love us please write a review on our socials or google and we will send you a personal 40% off discount Code :)

Where can I buy VIXIN?

Can I buy VIXIN in any retail shops?

VIXIN is available at over 110 Blooms The Chemist stores Australia wide. You can also find Vixin at

Chemist Warehouse Online

Choice Pharmacy Group

Terry White Chemart

Direct Chemist Outlets Pharmacy Neo

Yarragon Community Pharmacy

CPFS Wantirna & Tantirna,

Wise & Co Dispensary

Metung Pharmacy

Will you ship to me internationally?
Are you kidding? We'd LOVE to! Our Australian Warehouse ships almost everywhere worldwide click here to see international shipping details.

How do I contact VIXIN?
We love chatting to our VIXIN'S so shoot us a message on Live Chat or email

or phone us on +61488884946

Can I order by telephone?
YES, YES & YES. We are here and yes you can talk to a real person woohoo! phone us between 10am and 4pm Monday to Friday


What if an item is out of stock?
You will be alerted that we're out when you try to buy it, OR if we run out after you've already placed your order we will apologise profusely and then offer you the option of waiting until it's back in stock, another product or a refund.

What payment methods does VIXIN Beauty accept?
Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Afterpay, Apple Pay and Shop Pay.

Is it safe to use my credit card on ?
Absolutely. We securely encrypt your data using SSL 128-bit security certificate to ensure your details are 110% safe always. You can find out more about the certificate we use to encrypt your data by clicking on the padlock icon in your browser when accessing a secure page.

If I have mature skin, what are the best VIXIN products for me?

All of them! They're all nourishing enough, and we all need antioxidants and moisturiser in our lives. 

We especially recommend using our award winning All In One Apple Stem Cell Skin Smart formula which hydrates, replenishes, heals, smooths and protects, packed full of 9 skin active ingredients our signature ALL IN ONE has obscene levels of hydration and healing power, to deliver a fresher more youthful complexion. A much brighter you is only an application away.

Gifts & Packaging

Can I buy VIXIN as a gift and have it shipped as one?
Absolutely. (An excellent idea, just quietly.) Just make sure you enter the details of who you are sending the gift to during the checkout process. Plus we will add a card at no charge, let us know your message in notes and we will hand write it for you :) 'you are welcome...'

What will my order arrive in?
Our signature VIXIN shipping box. This box is made from 61% recycled material and 39% kraft paper which was produced using sustainable forestry practices. They are recyclable, printed with water-based ink, and no glue was used. Nice.

If I order more than one product or gift set, will my order be packed in separate boxes?
No. All products will be grouped and sent in the one box. (Unless you order for yourself and a gift and want each shipped to seperate addresses.)

Will you give out my details to third parties?

NO NO & NO! Your privacy is paramount to us and your secrets are safe with us! click here to view our privacy policy

What is the Natural scent/smell of All In One?

VIXIN All In One Apple Stem Cell is packed full of 9 Skin Active ingredients, and formulated to be gentle for all skin types including safe for sensitive skin, The REAL Smell of a Face Cream:
A common question we get is "Why does Vixin smell different to other
creams?" That is what unbleached, unscented fragrance free cream truly
smells like.
Your All in One is not off, out of date or contaminated. Our noses have
been conditioned over years of using scented face products that for many new
Vixin' users, the neutral smell comes as a bit of a shock.

The smell of Vixin is .... no smell.  

This is why our products can be used for so many skin types and
sensitivities as all the nasty (nice smelling) hidden ingredients have been

UV vs SPF give me the low down!

SPF (Sun Protection Factor) is primarily designed for daytime use because it protects your skin from the sun's harmful UV rays. At night, when there's no exposure to sunlight, SPF isn't necessary and can actually clog your pores or cause irritation. Nighttime skincare focuses more on repair, hydration, and rejuvenation, so using products like moisturizers, serums, or treatments without SPF is generally recommended. UV protection and SPF play crucial roles in skincare, yet they serve distinct purposes. UV protection shields your skin from harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays, encompassing both UVA and UVB rays, while SPF specifically gauges protection against UVB rays responsible for sunburn. Our ALL IN ONE product doesn't incorporate SPF because it prioritizes comprehensive restoration during nighttime, when SPF isn't needed and might potentially congest pores or cause irritation. Instead, ALL IN ONE skincare focuses on repair, hydration, and rejuvenation, making it ideal for nightly use without SPF. Additionally, apple stem cells in our formula are clinically proven to defend against UVA and UVB rays. For daytime protection, we recommend applying a quality organic SPF over your ALL IN ONE for thorough UV defense.

What payment methods does VIXIN Beauty accept?

Visa, Mastercard, PayPal, Afterpay, Apple Pay and Shop Pay.

Is it safe to use my credit card on ?
Absolutely. We securely encrypt your data using SSL 128-bit security certificate to ensure your details are 110% safe always. You can find out more about the certificate we use to encrypt your data by clicking on the padlock icon in your browser when accessing a secure page.