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About Us

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We offer natural skin care for VIXIN’S of all ages and genders who have a love for quality beauty products that are practical and deliver on proven results. Packed full of award winning APPLE STEM CELLS, our best selling revolutionary All-In-One Skin Smart Skin Care can be used as day, night, eye, deep wrinkle repair, smoothing, hydrating and more. We are proudly loved by fans all over the world who continually tell us they want to simplify their skin care regimes, save time and prefer products that are invested in anti-aging technology, ethical principles and all things sexy.

Australian owned and made (Licence number 9980) with recycled ethically sourced green packaging and ingredients, our products are absolutely Cruelty Free… only test on VIXIN’S. Our unique formulas brought to life by our founder Charmaine Maree Caldwell are packed full of skin smart active ingredients which makes them one of a kind skincare products and has men and women raving about its visibly instant results coupled with its long term skin healing and transformation ability.

We are available globally and we are expanding our range into more skin, body and wellness products in 2023 and beyond.

Australian Made
Cruelty Free

People Will Forget What You Said…

People Will Forget What You Did…

But People Will Never Forget How You Made Them Feel

Maya Angelou – American Poet 1928

It was the quote from American Poet Maya Angelou that became the inspiration when media executive, mother and entrepreneur Charmaine Maree Caldwell made it her mission to create the best, ALL IN ONE, fuss free and affordable skin care product that made people feel good. After turning 40, she knew the time consuming demands of woman and men meant that we often sacrificed our personal needs due to lack of time, mother/father guilt and complicated skin care regimes. So Charmaine went about creating and formulating the most effective active ingredients that actually work, that simplify your skin care, is ethically sourced, packaged beautifully while still remaining affordable.

With a 29+ year career in media, she knew the market was being flooded with unnecessary alternatives that cost a fortune yet didn’t hold up their bold marketing claims. She wanted to create the solution that filled the open gap for an ALL IN ONE face cream that was as multi-taking and as independent as she was without complicating her beauty regime.

In 2005, VIXIN was established as an Australian owned company dedicated to offering the highest quality skin care product on the market. Charmaine discovered the revolutionary and award winning ingredient of Apple Stem Cell Malus Domestica by PhytoCellTec™. Impressed by its clinical studies and results, she secured rights for Australian distribution and continued to work with expert chemists in Australia to combine another 8 ingredients and the only product of its kind was born. After more than 10 years in the making, 2015 saw the release of VIXIN’S signature ALL IN ONE Skin Care. Now VIXIN is loved by thousands of fans across the country and internationally who rave about her sexy packaging, simplicity of application and most importantly proven “said” results. The inspiration behind the naming of VIXIN was an empowered independent man or woman who takes ownership of their body and mind while embracing beauty in all forms.