In a world saturated with skincare brands driven by profit over CARING FOR YOUR SKIN, Vixin was inspired from a fierce determination to revolutionize the quality and trust of what we put our face everyday. Founder and Product Developer Charmaine Caldwell dared to look beyond the glossy facade of big pharma skincare during her former career in media. Witnessing the 'close enough to legal' loopholes, the deceitful shortcuts in ingredient sourcing, and the misleading advertising gimmicks, she knew we were spending unnecessary amounts of money for multiple products we don’t need. It was time to create an alternative to the industry's profit-driven motives and create a brand that prioritizes genuine care for all tones of skin.

In the initial product development stages of Vixin, Charmaine was determined not to succumb to the shortcuts that has become the deceitful norm. Vixin wasn't just formulated; it was meticulously prototyped through a rigorous, costly process to ensure optimal levels of active ingredients for REAL RESULTS. She believed in going beyond the minimum requirements set by the industry, pushing boundaries to deliver skincare that JUST GOT REAL.

Australian Made

We entrusted pharmacists and chemists to craft Australia's only plant stem cell skincare line, utilizing ethically sourced ingredients of the highest grade. Our products come packaged in recycled plastic containers, demonstrating our dedication to sustainability. To further underscore our commitment to quality, each product undergoes stringent quality control and proudly bears the official certification of being Australian Made. (License NO: 9980)

Unlike other skincare brands that prioritise cost-cutting by offshoring manufacturing, we to continue to have Vixin proudly manufactured in Sydney, where we can closely monitor every step of the process. This decision, though costly, ensures that our products are not subjected to the animal testing prevalent in foreign countries with snide regulations. Honest skincare doesn't have to mean compromise which is why Vixin doesn't pass on the premium costs to our customers, firmly believing that ethical skincare shouldn't come with a UNREAL price tag.

We know you’re sick of the noise, the cost and the disappointment with skincare products that simply don't deliver on their grand ‘miracle’ claims. We know you just want your skincare simple and real.

Skincare never got so real. #VixinReal.

Australian Made
Cruelty Free