What you need to know about Skincare labels

What you need to know about Skincare labels


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In a world inundated with skincare products promising miraculous results, it's easy to get swept away by the allure of flawless skin. However, a closer look at the fine print on those glossy packages may reveal a disconcerting truth – your skincare should not come with warning labels. 

The Deceptive Tricks of Big Pharma Skincare Brands. 

Ever noticed those cautionary notes on your skincare products? "Avoid contact with eyes," "could cause redness," "may cause rashes," and the classic "call this poison hotline if ingested?!! What the actual...? If your skincare regimen is starting to resemble a chemistry experiment, it's time to GET REAL what you're putting your skin. Big pharma skincare brands often conceal a dirty little secret behind their well-marketed façade. The chemical cocktail of ingredients they use isn't just about nourishing your skin; it's about padding out the formula to save costs. The sad reality is that these brands prioritize profit margins over your skin's health and the efficacy of their products.

The Hidden Agenda

Let's face it – those massive marketing budgets are designed to make you believe in miracles. The more they captivate you with promises of younger-looking skin and radiant beauty, the more likely you are to overlook the list of ingredients resembling a foreign language. Big pharma skincare brands rely on water-filled chemical concoctions that do little for your skin and more for their bottom line. In layman's terms that means your paying for a chemical petri dish and expensive aqua.  The truth is, they don't care about the long-term results you achieve. They don't care if you're satisfied enough to use the product again. Their primary goal is to capture your attention, entice you with exaggerated claims, and lure you into purchasing their skincare products. 

Skincare should be like reading a food label.

Imagine if your skincare routine mirrored the same approach as food. If you can read and understand the ingredients, you're on the right track. 

However, if the label resembles a scientific manuscript, filled with incomprehensible terms, it's a red flag. Your skin deserves better than to be a testing ground for mysterious chemical compounds. 

There can be over 80,000 chemicals that can be legally used in skincare and cosmetics, many of which are industrial chemicals, including like degreasers (used to clean auto parts), carcinogens, pesticides, plasticizers (the same ones used to keep concrete soft) and hormone disruptors.  So how do you protect yourself without studying the potential 80,000 poisons that "may" be snuck into your skincare? Simple. #realsimple. 

How to read a Skincare product label. 

Skincare should be transparent, with ingredients you can instantly recognize and comprehend. For example: Which do you recognise? Rose-Hip Oil or Sodium Laureth Sulfate?  Which ingredient feel's more familiar? Cocoa Butter or BHA (butylated hydroxyanisole) and BHT (butylated hydroxytoluene) ? Seriously... what the hell is Phthalates and why is in found in most skincare that smells nice?  

The best products are those that prioritize the health of your skin over profit margins. Opt for brands that are dedicated to providing clear, straightforward formulations – products that you don't need a chemistry degree to decipher.

Your skincare should not need warning labels.  

It's time to call BS on the smoke and mirrors used by big pharma skincare brands. We can say no to warning labels and yes to transparency and easy to decipher ingredient lists. Seek out brands that prioritize the quality of their ingredients you can understand over flashy marketing campaigns that need for cautionary disclaimers. Your skin is a precious canvas, and it deserves to be treated with care, not as an experimental ground for unpronounceable substances. Our skincare needs to be as clean as what we would put on a plate. Challenge the norm, question the labels, and demand transparency from the brands you trust. 

Your skin will thank you for it.   Skincare just got real! #vixinreal


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